Friday, October 7, 2011

Customer Service for this airline? One Traveler Begs to Differ

Airline travel, no surprise it crowded, uncomfortable, expensive, and you're lucky if you get to where you are going on time.  Everything from a pillow to a ply of toilet paper is charge for today.

So as I was traveling this week, I wondered which Customer Service Braniac came up with the idea below?  What is the actual message that they are trying to convey and to whom? (apologize for the poor quality photo)

So for example, the 30-40% of the customers flying first class or having frequent flier status get to use the lane with the red sign, while the other 60-70% of the customers must settle for using the blue lane, which are a whopping 10 inches from each other. 

I have actually seen gate agents move up and pull the little rope across the "red lane" when they were done with the first customers who boarded the plane.

Imagine how the rest of the rest of the passengers felt, made to walk under the lowly blue sign.  If only they had flown American for 30 segments or 25,000 miles that year, they could walk in the red lane.

My point in this besides showing the absurdity of this perk for frequent fliers is that if anything it alienates those who don't fly as often AND don't necessarily have brand loyalty.  They have a choice. 

When I used to fly United religiously, they could have beat me with a cattle prod as i boarded, because I was still going to fly them and wanted to maintain my status and miles with them. 

Seems to me, the airlines should be catering to those who do make a choice.

I'd love to hear some of your examples of things you've seen that are customer service in reverse.  Please use the comment section below. 

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Anonymous said...

I think that the same folks who run the banks do the customer 101 training for the airlines. :)