Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Two very powerful words not used enough today

We all do it I think to some extent.  We push our kids to use this expression, and hope it stays with them for the rest of their lives.  Its a phrase that we probably don't tell our spouse or significant others enough...

Thank You

Its a very powerful phrase, and as adults, we don't use it enough.  Think about its uses

Appreciation - Letting someone know what they did meant something to you

Recognition - Used in a large group, can single out someone for their work or efforts

Difuser - Think about heated arguments you've been in, and how even though you might be angry at the other person on the phone, interjecting thank you can diffuse the situation at times.

Courtesy - Shows that you are a courteous person, may make the other person think more highly of you.

I've been traveling a lot the past 4 weeks, and I always say Thank You to the flight attendant and to the pilot at the end of the flight, no matter how long, how uncomfortable the flight was.  Because when dealing with a jet fuel filled machine that goes 500 mph, the alternative to them not doing their job well, is the end of this blog (think about that)....

So make it a goal next week to say Thank You to 3 people (just 3) that you wouldn't normally say that to and see how it works.   See how it makes you feel.  Then tell someone else to do the same.

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Suzette Taala said...

Totally agree. Salamat for reminding me to thank Roy more often. :)