Friday, September 9, 2011

No Respect, No Respect at all I tell ya

So I'm out in Vegas, wandering through the dimly lit corners of the prostitute filled (more on that in a future post) Monte Carlo Casino and I come across the Sports Book.  Given the pending NFL kickoff I decided to look at the lines and see how many points I would have to give up this weekend for beloved Bears versus the Indoor Football Falcons. 

The tendency early in the season is for linesmakers to be conservative, not knowing how teams really will fare, but we're talking about the team that hosted the NFC Championship Game last year against eventual Super Bowl Champion Packers. 

Would it be 4 or 5 point favorites, something that I still felt comfortable giving? 

In the late hours of the evening, I rubbed my tired eyes, all of the betting lines must be jumbled into one.  What's that, can't be


How can this be?  Aren't the Bears playing Matty "Ice - As in I freeze in Big Games" Ryan?  Is Julio Jones any better than Dez Bryant was this time last year when the Bears squished the Cowboys? 

Stunned, I wandered back to my hotel room (where no prostitues were present) and scanned the newswires?  Was Todd Collins replacing Cutler?  Were my lockdown corners of Charles Tillman and Tim Jennings injured in a freak accident?  Nope.

Going back the next day, I thought the computer glitch must have been corrected, but amazingly the glaring red line had not changed.

I decided to go big and pulled a Hamilton from the wallet and bet my beloved Bears. 

Bears 27 Falcons 21.

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